Gospel Light Baptist Church

Where Love Abounds, Come and See


Pastor Keith Weaver was born in Radford, VA and grew up in Blacksburg.  He is the eldest son of Pastor Dewey Weaver.  He received the majority of his schooling at Gateway Christian Academy where he graduated in May of 1984.  He then attended Hyles Anderson College between fall of 1984 and May of 1987.


In December of 1985, Keith met his wife, Beth and they married in December of 1986.  In May of 1987 they packed up and moved to Blacksburg, VA in the New River Valley, where they have lived for the majority of their life together. Keith and Beth have three children and five grandchildren.


Keith and Beth have served God in various mintries and in January of 2015, God moved them to Gospel Light where they continue to serve faitfully.